Alpine Skis

At GearUp Sports, you can rent Rossignol skis for all ability levels. All skis are always tuned up as we are a full service ski shop with high-tech tuning equipment. Sport ski packages are suitable for beginner to intermediate skiers. The High Performance package is recommended for advanced skiers.

Daily Rates

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Add Days
Sport skis 45 88 128 167 203 236 268 38
High performance skis 60 117 171 222 270 315 357 51
Children skis 25 49 71 93 113 131 149 21
Avalanche safety set 25 49 71 93 113 131 149 21
  • We require 48 hours notice for internet reservations
  • Ski packages includes skis, boots and poles
  • High performance boot upgrade available for HP Ski Package
  • Avalanche package includes digital beacon, probe & shovel

Individual Item Pricing

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Add Days
Sport skis 35 68 100 130 158 184 208 30
High Performance skis 45 88 128 167 203 236 268 38
Children skis 15 29 43 56 68 79 89 13
Backcountry skis 45 88 128 167 203 236 268 38
Backcountry boots 18 35 51 67 81 95 107 15
Ski boots 15 29 43 56 68 79 89 13
Children ski boots 10 20 29 37 45 53 60 9
Performance ski boots 20 39 57 74 90 105 119 17
Poles 5 10 14 19 23 26 30 4
Telescopic poles 10 20 29 37 45 53 60 9
Helmet 6 12 17 22 27 32 36 5
Avalanche beacon 14 27 40 52 63 74 83 12
Avalanche probe 8 16 23 30 36 42 48 7
Avalanche shovel 8 16 23 30 36 42 48 7

Rental Options

  1. GearUp the day or night before at no extra charge
  2. Family rental specials available
  3. Packages may be upgraded at any time
  4. Multi-day rental discounts
  5. High-performance skis may be exchanged daily
  6. Multi-day rental skis/snowboards may be dropped off for tuning at any time
  7. Credit card deposit required
  8. Children - 12 & under

Rental Range

Rossignol Experience RTL

The Experience RTL rental ski Includes an AutoTurn Rocker in the tips and tails meaning these all-mountain skis are great for carving and grip at high speeds and makes steering and pivoting seem effortless at slower speeds as the contact length of the ski on the snow is reduced.
Category: Sport Skis

Rossignol Blackops Sender

"Ride free. Fresh tracks to hardpack, the Blackops Sender is your ticket to ride the whole mountain. It brings an effortless, responsive feel to go anywhere the snow takes you, inbounds or out. Vibration dampening tech balances a lightweight wood core for the versatility to cruise or charge at will. Fly beyond the boundaries and roll through mixed conditions without hesitation."
Category: High Performance Skis

Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Basalt

"Experience the all-mountain freedom to carve high-speed groomers and explore further off-trail. The Experience 88 Ti is our most versatile all-mountain ski. It blends the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a freeride-inspired profile for playful fluidity and ease in any snow. The race-inspired build gives you the confidence to explore all sides of the mountain in all conditions."
Category: High Performance Skis

Rossignol Experience 84 Ai W

"Play any terrain and make every day another best day. The women's Experience 84 AI is the ideal all-mountain ski whether carving perfect groomers or exploring mixed snow and terrain. Our race-developed construction and Air TIp VAS reduce vibration for increased snow contact and line control, while the freeride-inspired profile allows you to drift and release turns with ease."
Category: High Performance Skis

Rossignol Blackops Rallybird W

Fly free. From first tracks to hardpack, the women's Blackops Rallybird brings an effortless, responsive ride to go anywhere the snow takes you. Vibration dampening tech complements its lightweight wood core for a go-anywhere personality that can cruise, charge or float at will. Embrace gravity, explore, and roll between soft snow and mixed conditions without hesitation.
Category: High Performance Skis

Rossignol React 10 Ti

"Find your flow on the all-new React R10 Ti. The race-inspired Titanal edition delivers instant power and confident carving performance for expert to advanced skiers. The ski features our new Flex Tip technology that allows for smooth acceleration in and out of turns, putting you in the zone one powerful carve after another."
Category: High Performance Skis

Rossignol Experience 92 Ti

"Cross every boundary. Know no limits. Designed for all-terrain adventure on every side of the resort, the all-new Experience 92 Ti is a powerful all-mountain ski for expert skiers who play every slope with precision. Our race-developed build and Air Tip VAS dampen vibration for the ultimate stability and control on-piste, while the 92mm waist and freeride-inspired profile offer the playful fluidity to drift, smear, float, and carve wherever the snow takes you."
Category: High Performance Skis

Blizzard Firebird Competition 76

"The Firebird Competition 76 is the Casual Friday of race skis, with enough power to lay down fast turns, but a more forgiving construction that won’t hold you to it. This ski is all about marrying versatility with performance, while keeping it fun on the front side. A wider waist and multi-radius sidecut perfectly combine for rocking short and long turns with stability, while a full camber profile provides edge-to-edge grip and overall control through the arc of the turn. C-spine provides energy and responsiveness without overdoing it. Whether carving fresh corduroy or upping your race game, the Competition 76 has established itself as the new benchmark for high-performance on-piste skiing."
Category: High Performance Skis

Blizzard Brahma 88

The Brahma 88 will give you the ability to seize the snowpack throughout the most frigid temperatures and firm conditions. Compared to its wider brethren in this category, the Brahma 88 utilizes its TrueBlend Woodcore, two sheets of metal and reduced rocker profile for a better grip on hard, icy snow. This ski will take the energy you give it and transfer that power into the snowpack, so you can rip down the mountain with confidence and ease. As the day’s smooth terrain gets eaten up by hungry skiers, the Brahma has the backbone to ski efficiently through crud, which means you’ll be skiing longer (and stronger) than everyone else. Save your ski day, save your legs, ski the Brahma.
Category: High Performance Skis

Blizzard Black Pearl 88

"It takes a lot of guts and grit to reinvent the best-selling women’s ski. But here at Blizzard, we’re never satisfied with good enough. We are constantly looking for ways to make a great ski even better. Redesigned with input from our Women to Women project and Blizzard’s engineers, the Black Pearl 88 shines as bright as ever. Blizzard’s TrueBlend Flipcore W.S.D. (Women’s Specific Design) makes skiing all sorts of conditions easy and fun, so women are empowered to ski corduroy groomers, softer snow off-piste, bumps, trees and everything in between. We designed the Black Pearl 88 not just for the best days on the mountain, but for every day. A lightweight construction, smooth profile shape and camber underfoot make the Black Pearl 88 a goto for today, tomorrow and the day after that, too."
Category: High Performance Skis